Avoiding Pressure and Finding More Elk – Mark Livesay – Treeline Pursuits

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 157: Avoiding Pressure and Finding Elk – Mark Livesay – Treeline Pursuits. This week John and Adam talk with Mark Livesay from Trereline Pursuits and Treeline Academy about thinks to think about when preparing for your first elk hunt or for an elk hunt as a beginner. Mark has some of the best information available on E-Scouting for elk and getting away from and utilizing pressure to become a more succesful elk hunter. Its said that the average OTC elk hunters success rate with archery equipment, the information that Mark provides is tailored specifically to increase those odds dramatically as well as quickly. Ultimately there is no repleacement for experience or boots on the group, but prepartation can definately help to increase the odds for flatlanders headed west. You can check out Mark’s course at https://treelinepursuits.com/academy/

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