Bonus Episode: Howl for Wildlife – Threats to Predator Hunting, Trapping and More

In our first syndicated HOWLCAST Update of 2024 we focus on two of the hotspots that need nationwide attention and support from the hunting and outdoors community: Washington State and Colorado. Because the anti-hunting industry uses their nationwide fundraising, legal and political power to attack at the local and state level, it has become crystal clear that hunters, anglers and supporters of true wildlife conservation need to rally together. The threats that face WA and CO this year can and will surface in dozens of other states – either by forcing changes to predator management, methods of take, taking away trapping or removing your ability to hunt/trail/track/retrieve game with sporting dogs & hounds. 

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Ensuring Tomorrow’s Hunt Today – John Stallone – Howl for Wildlife

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast - Episode 190 - Ensuring Tomorrow’s Hunt Today - John Stallone - Howl for Wildlife

This week Adam sits down to talk with cofounder of the Howl For Wildlife organization to discuss what HOWL is all about. John has been in the outdoor industry for well over a decade and is fighting hard to help us keep the hunting traditions that we hold dear alive through the HOWL organization.

Topics Covered:

What is Howl

What are the motives

Hunter infighting

What can us as hunters do

Where is the funding coming from

How antihunting bills work

Conservation - save 25% with code bowhunter

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