Big Bucks and the Bigger Picture – David Riley

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 261- Big Bucks and the Bigger Picture – David Riley

On this weeks podcast Adam sits down with the cohost of The Fall Podcast, the one and only David Riley Jr to continue a discussion started at this years Total Archery Challenge about getting excited about hunting again. David was saying how he looks forward to the call from his grandpa every year to help his grandpa track his deer and he wished all hunting felt like that. We go in to that a bit and also talk chasing big bucks and the obsession that comes with being successful and what lead to all that.

Topics discussed

  • Hunting History
  • Hunting with Grandpa
  • Beginning as a hunter
  • No Big bucks in Michigan
  • Proving them wrong
  • Locating big bucks
  • Hunting with kids
  • Goals for new hunters
  • Summer Trail cam strategies
  • Can you be too focused
  • Acorn cycles – save 25% with code bowhunter

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