Everything Broadheads – John Lusk – Lusk Archery Adventures

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 243 – The Best Broadhead for the Job – John Lusk – Lusk Archery Adventures

This week on the podcast Adam sits down to talk with John Lusk of Lusk Archery Adventures and the Lusk Archery Adventures YouTube Channel. John has hunted dozens of species all over the world and has found a niche on Youtube testing broadheads. John has an engineering background and conducts his tests in a repeatable and quantifiable manner, meaning that, as best as possible the results can be measured in an apples to apples manner. Topics discussed

  • Hunting History
  • How many species with a bow
  • Wolf hunting with a bow
  • How did he get into testing broadheads
  • What the tests consist of
  • What are common things to watch out for
  • What are common amongst “good” bradheads
  • Affilliate bias
  • Marketing bias
  • Best broadheads for all animals








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