DIY Out of State Whitetail Hunts on a Budget – Blake Mallory

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast - Episode 181 - DIY Out of State Whitetail Hunts on a Budget - Blake Mallory

This week Adam talks with fellow Michigan hunter Blake Mallory on how to hunt out of state or how to hunt multiple different states for whitetail on a budget. Blake wrote at book “The Non Resident Hunter” outlining his experiences and tips for successfully putting together out of state trips on a budget. Blake was filming on his own for many years before teaming up with Michigan Whitetail Pursuit for there “On the Road” series.


Topics Covered:

  • Hunting out of State
  • How to Handle Bad Experiences
  • States to Start with
  • What it takes to be a hunting guide
  • Outfitters for DIY
  • Choosing a Hunting Partner
  • Out of State for Hogs
  • What Dates to Choose
  • Overall Costs - Food, Lodging, Tags, Gas

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