Protecting Your Trophies – Darrell Gogert – Velvet Antler Technologies

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 244 – Protecting Your Trophies – Darrell Gogert – Velvet Antler Technologies

This week on the podcast Adam sits down to talk with Darrell Gogert from Velvet Antler Technologies. Adam met Darrell at the Great American Outdoors Show and actually sought out the Velvet Antler Technologies booth because he wanted to check out the product. For hunters who are on a limited time frame hunting out of state in some of these early seasons the task of preserving velvet and hides is something that we often overlook so we wanted to check out the product and see what it was all about and this is what came of that interaction.

Topics discussed

  • Hunting History
  • Product Development
  • Born out of necessity
  • Problems solved
  • Anatomy of Velvet
  • How Velvet is managed
  • European Mount grease
  • Bone Bright
  • Preserving Turkey Fans
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