2020 ATA Recap

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 92: 2020 ATA Recap

 This week Adam and John sit down and go over our thoughts on the 2020 Archery Trade Association show.  We talk about some of the new bows of course the new PSE bows as well as the Tethrd Phantom, the Out on a Limb Shikar sticks, the Lone Wolf Custom Gear offerings, as well as a couple perhaps overlooked products that caught our eye the Bow Spider and the Hodag licking stick.


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4 Replies to “2020 ATA Recap”

  1. Excellent podcast. Sounds like the ATA show is a lot to take in. You touched on saddles a little on this podcast and I would just like to hear your input. I currently have a New Tribe Evolution and I’m looking to purchase a new saddle. Been looking at the Mantis, Aero Hunter Flex, H2, and now the Phantom. They all look a lot simpler than mine. There’s a whole lot going on with the Evolution which makes it difficult especially in the late season with layers. You didn’t mention it, but have you tried the Flex? Wish there was a way to test them all before I make a decision. Also. Do you know if Tethrd is gonna make their way to Michigan for one of their training seminars? Would really like to check out the Phantom.

    1. We haven’t got a chance to mess with any of the new tribe saddles or the H2. Tethrd will be at the Novi and Lansing shows and John and I will be in the Tethrd booth at Novi. The phantom is a simpler design for sure. H2 also has a new bridge being released this week as well that we are eager to look at. Thanks for the support and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.

      1. Wow. That’s cool. Didn’t even know that Tethrd was gonna be at both shows. What days will you guys be there?

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