Analyzing the Woods For Success – Jacob Sklenar

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 271- Analyzing the Woods For Success – Jacob Sklenar

On this weeks podcast Adam talks with Jacob Sklenar from The Hunting Beast about how he uses scouting intel, preseason, e-scouting and in season scouting intel to help him be more successful in the whitetail woods. Jacob is an engineer from Wisconsin who breaks down every bit of information he gathers so solve the “problem” of harvesting a mature whitetail.

Topics discussed

-Experiences from the Mobile Hunters Expo

– Hunting Background

– Getting hooked early on

– Asking stupid questions online

– Looking at killing a deer as an equation to solve

-Tracking trail camera data

– E-scouting

– Identifying certain trees cyber scouting

– Catagorizing map pins

– Essential parts of the deer hunting equation

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