Basemap Huntwind – Added Functionality Specifically Built for the Whitetail Hunter

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 121:  Basemap Huntwind – Added Functionality Specifically Built for the Whitetail Hunter   The week Ed Gramza from Basemap returns to the podcast to to discuss the latest update featuring the Huntwind functionality built into the app specifically for whitetail hunters. The Huntwind function allows you to set a stand and select the best wind for that stand and then it has up to date predictive weather data for that spot and whether or not it is a good wind.  It also has visual cues to show you what the wind is predicted to do as well.  We also get to hear bits and pieces of Johns trip thrown in as well.  Basemap is giving a free trial of their pro version from 10/08/20 to 10/14/20 so even if you have the free version you will have a free trial of the pro functions that include the Huntwind feature, and that is for the full 7 days whether you download on the 8th or the 14th you will still get 7 days free.  Don’t forget when you do choose to buy the PRO version go online and save 20% with code chronicles. save 20% with code chronicles

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