Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 11: Expectation Management, Nutrition and Gear with Joe Higginbotham


In this weeks episode we dive back into elk hunting gear, nutrition and training philosophy with Chasing Chance TV Fieldstaff member, Bowhunter Planet Ambassador and all around great guy Joe Higginbotham.  In this episode we talk to Joe about so many topics we have outlined them here if you would like to focus in on a certain topic. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at Bowhunter Chronicles on Facebook or to Joe at Topics include:

22:00 – Gear   23:50 – Packs   31:00 – Boots   39:00 – Game Processing   49:00 – Kill Kits   57: 00 – Nutrition Joe has offered up a great spreadsheet for Backcountry meal planning counting calories and weight pack weight calculations   59:00 – The Rich Outdoors Backcountry Fuel Box – Use code TRO   1:15:00 – The importance of gaiters   1:22:00 – Sock options and Merino wool properties   1:27:00 – Navigation – Gps/Maps/Inreach/OnX   1:37:00- Battery Life   1:51:00 – Optics   1:53:00 – Bear encounters   2:04:00 – Cattle grazing   2:06:00 – Elk Hunting Resource Pages  – Elk addicts Facebook,, Pure  Elevation Youtube, Born and Raised Youtube

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