Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 26: 2018 DIY Elk Final Approach

In this weeks episode we discuss our plans as we start to finalize our preparation on our gear for our elk trip. We discuss setting up the Dead Ringer Wheel bow sight and the pros and cons that go along with that particular sight.  We detail how we swapped out the straps on our Alps Outdoorz Commander packs with mixed reviews.  We discuss first aid and hygiene items as well as plans for food and water preparation.  We also have a giveaway starting today going through the 29th of August for a Gearak Binocular harness and rangefinder/gear sleeve. You can check them out at and use code CHRONICLES for 25% off.     If you like what we are doing and want to contribute to the show please consider checking out our Patreon page and becoming part of the community.

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