Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 34: Curtis Zabel – Behind the Bow

This week we spoke with Curtis Zabel from Behind the Bow.  Curtis is a passionate public land bowhunter from Wisconsin who is also passionate about videography and film making, and telling a story in particular. A great example of this can be seen in his film from last year Life of a Public land Bowhunter. We talk about the passion for bowhunting in a state like Wisconsin with a rich tradition of firearm hunting, the tactics he uses to harvest mature buck on public ground.  We also talk about his recent antelope hunt in South Dakota, which can be seen in this years file Lope Country,  with friend, business partner and former Marine Skylar Sommers. The other topics covered include accessing public lands, the trials and tribulations of filming, and their annual film contest. You can check out their films of this on the Behind the Bow Youtube channel Linked below. Also check out their webpage/blog for more information

Youtube – Behind the Bow

The buck they were chasing named “Jerry”

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