Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 83: The Mind of a Killer – Joe Rentmeester

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 83: The Mind of a Killer – Joe Rentmeester

 This week Adam talks with two time Public Land Challenge Champion and Hunting Beast team member Joe Rentmeester.  Joe is one of those unsung guys who continues to kill big bucks no matter where he is, and no mater what adversity he faces.  The past two years in the company of incredible hunters who traveled out of state to places that they had never set foot on prior to the hunt, Joe was able to locate and kill a mature whitetail no matter the circumstances. This year in his home state of Wisconsin Joe spooked the buck he would end up killing the next day, and rather than pout and throw in the towel he adjusted to prior knowledge and went in an shot that buck in his bed.  In Michigan despite pouring rain and flooded lands, he was able to, on the same day that  a group of hunters walked right under his tree, get down, make a move and harvest a mature Michigan whitetail.  Joe walks us through these hunts and what kept him going and what his thought processes were in situations where a lot of guys would have given up. You can also check out Joe’s product the Sparrow here Save 10% off a  Vanish tree stand 

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