Food Plots For Amateurs – Mike Lindahl – Domain Outdoors

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 199 – Food Plots For Amateurs – Mike Lindahl – Domain Outdoors

This week Adam sits downs and talks with Mike Lindahl from Domain Outdoors on food plotting for guys with smaller properties, little equipment and even less experience. We talk through the uses of each seed, minimum requirements and how to maximize a property, no matter the size to increase the likely hood of success.

Topics covered

  • Hunting history
  • Minimum food plot size
  • Best mix for each soil and sun type
  • When to plant what
  • Top tools under 100$
  • Creating hunting space on small properties
  • Food plot thought process
  • What each plant is best for

For anything that Mike had mentioned check them out at https://www.domainoutdoor.com – save 25% with code bowhunter

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