Full Draw Assassins – Derek Bradeis and Kyle Lewis

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 192 – Full Draw Assassins – Derek Bradeis and Kyle Lewis

This week Adam and John sit down to talk with Derek and Kyle from Full Draw Assassins. We met the Full Draw Assassins crew at ATA and the chaos insued. FDA is a couple Pennsylvania guys who started filming their hunts for themselves, started to get into it and picked up another guy from Missouri packed up and moved to Ohio to chase big deer and the rest is history.  

Topics Covered:

Origins of Full Draw Assasins

Turkey Hunting Oklahoma

Full Draw Assassin – Spursuits

Turkey Camp and Learning to Turkey Hunt

Hunting with inexperienced turkey hunters

From Vowing to Never Saddle Hunt to  

Understanding the Advantages

Old School Loggy Bayou Climbers

The Dark Side of The ATA

Check out Full Draw Assassins on Carbon TV Here:



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