Heavy Arrows For Everyone – Jason Wojciechowicz – Tuffhead Broadheads

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 145: Heavy Arrows For Everyone – Jason Wojciechowicz – Tuffhead Broadheads This week Adam and John sit down and talk with the owner of Tuffhead Broadheads Jason Wojciechowicz.  We talk about the handmade nature of the Tuffhead classic broadhead, why they are so strong, broahead materials as well as sharpening methods and tips.  We also talk about the Ashby theory and get Jasons take on why the heavy arrow is recommended in both compound and traditional settings, why tuffheads are so heavy and the benefits of the 3 to 1 shape.  You can check out Tuffhead Broadheads at https://www.tuffhead.com

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