How Bad Do You Want It – Johnny Stewart and Lane Housner

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 214 -How Bad Do You Want It – Johnny Stewart and Lane Housner

This weeks podcast was recorded at the Mobile Hunters Expo while Adam down there with the fellas from Latitude. Adam got to sit down and talk with Johnny Stewart and Lane Housner who were at the expo representing Spartan Forge. Johnny is a veteran in the mobile hunting and big woods buck game while Lane is a up and comer and a guy to watch hunting PA and over on the east coast.

Topics covered

  • E Scouting
  • What do you look for on a map and how is it represented
  • Boots on the ground when you get to te spot on the map
  • Learning Your Area
  • New Areas/Scout versus Hunt
  • Helping out others
  • Learning From the Woods
  • Going Away from TV style Hunting
  • Old Bucks and how they survive
  • Common Traits of Older deer
  • Burning areas
  • How many areas should you have
  • Hunt Breakdown – Marsh feeding – save 25% with code bowhunter

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