Shooting with No Peep Sight – Tim Zelenka – Adjustable Red Dot Sights

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 197 -Shooting with No Peep Sight with Tim Zelenka from Adjustable Red Dot Sights

This week Adam and Uncle Frank traveled to the shop of owner of Adjustable Red Dot sights Tim Zelenka to do some red dot shooting. Shooting a red dot on a bow was a crazy experience for us and especially eye opening. Shooting a red dot sight on a bow is counter intuitive to all the archery we have been taught. With a red dot if you can see the dot you are lined up. Tim discusses how this is possible, why it happens and the troubles associated with this and a moveable bracket and how they solved that problem. The adjustable red dot is great for people who have a hard time seeing the pins and especially for instant feedback for kids and new shooters. You can check out their gear here – save 25% with code bowhunter

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