Spartan Forge – Machine Learning for the Deer Hunter with Bill Thompson

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 117:  Bill Thompson- Spartan Forge – Machine Learning for the Deer Hunter    This week Adam talks with Bill Thompson of Spartan Forge about using technology to pattern and kill white-tailed deer.  Bill is currently on active duty using similar technology to pattern our enemies and track our friendlies and decided to see if the technology could translate to the deer woods.  After a decade of work coming this September Spartan Forge will field its first iteration of the program using data points combining collared deer data, insurance claims, weather and harvest statistics to predict the best possible days to be in the woods for each area and the general vicinity in which you should place yourself.  We talk through a lot f the tech, the thought process and the ethics of implementing and ultimately using a product like this but in a word it is fascinating.  Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, to harvest mature deer does not normally come to mind when the fall rolls around.  That is until now.  you can check out a quick run down on this on the Spartan Forge YouTube channel as well as check them out at   UC-whScWnYeC_JkxZxAQJGkQ

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