Upper Peninsula Big Woods Land Plan – Jared VanHees – Habitat Podcast

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 265- Upper Peninsula Big Woods Land Plan – Jared VanHees – Habitat Podcast

On this weeks podcast Adam sits down with Habitat Podcast Host, habitat manager and Vitalize Seed co-owner Jared VanHees. Jared recently took time out of his family vacation to meet up Adam at his families Upper Peninsula property. The property isa combination of some old fields, old logging, cedars and mixed hardwoods. Historically the property has produced deer but rarely bucks of any age over two and a half despite self imposed community antler point restriction (APR’s) as well as DNR imposed APR’s. The property has seen some hasty food plots and recently the implemantation of some mineral sites. Jared met with us to get some boots on the ground to see for himself what we were working with and make some recommendations.  Here is what we found.

Topics discussed

  • Long time coming
  • A typical land plan
  • What he is looking for
  • Owner expectations
  • Food plot locations
  • Feed trees – mast trees ( Apple and Chestnut)
  • No till plotting
  • Cover and access
  • Follow up









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