Weird Science with The Ranch Fairy – Troy Fowler

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 90: Weird Science with The Ranch Fairy – Troy Fowler

 This week Adam and John talk with the self proclaimed Ranch Fairy, Troy Fowler.  Troy is a passionate hunter who has unlimited access a large family ranch in Texas that is an environment rich with target opportunities.  Troy was getting frustrated with low success rates on bow shots on particularly large hogs, so what did he do?  He decided to change things, he read Dr. Ed Ashby’s book and drank the whole gallon of kool aid. Now that Troy has seen the benefits of using heavy arrows with 20% or greater weight up front, with extremely sharp, preferably single bevel broadheads  he created a Youtube channel to spread the message.  His goal is to at bare minimum peak your interest and entertain you and he does a hell of a job at both.  We talk through the ideas of why it works and why other setups have a higher rate of failures as well as how you can build your setup at home on any budget. Save 10% off a  Vanish tree stand 

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