110 yards Bombs – B.S. Session with Brandon McDonald

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast - Episode 188 - 110 yards Bombs - B.S. Session with Brandon McDonald

This week Adam and John sit down and have a long conversation with real estate mogul and archery YouTube sensation Brandon McDonald. Brandon began makng videos to gain proficiency with a camera to film hunts and capture memories, and it has morphed into a full blown YouTube channel leading to a company in Mere Mortal Archery that was created to give archery equipoment and opportunities to veterans. You can check out Brandon’s company and message here


Topics Covered:

  • Archery Origins
  • Start of the Channel
  • High End Equipment
  • Hunting with the Troy Fowler/Ranch Fairy
  • Ethics of Extreme Long Shots on Game
  • Elk Shape Camp
  • Paying for 70,000$ Worth of Hunts
  • Archery Legacy



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