Optimizing Your Nutrition for the Hunt – Kyle Kamp – Valley 2 Peak Nutrition

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast - Episode 189 - Optimizing Your Nutrition for the Hunt - Kyle Kamp - Valley 2 Peak Nutrition

This week Adam and John sit down and talk with registered dietician and outdoorsman Kyle Kamp. Kyle didn’t grow up in the mountains or live the “outdoor fitness” lifestyle, Kyle was overweight and made changes to put himself in a position to pursue a life outdoors and help others in the process. Kyle is a registered dietitician with a background in hospital practice and now hosts one of Apples top 100 nutrition podcasts. You can check out Kyles coaching here:


Topics Covered:

  • What is nutrition
  • What can I eat
  • Fad Diets
  • Correct Fuel for the task
  • Mental Clarity in the wood
  • Different needs for different speeds
  • Strength Training vs Cardio
  • Your body adapting to changes



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