Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 37: Michigan Upper Peninsula Bow Camp Recap

On this weeks podcast Adam, his brother Drew and Uncle Frank rehash their experiences at the family deer camp on the trip up this bow season.  Both Adam and Drew were able to harvest deer, on the same day their other brother Dustin harvested a mule deer in South Dakota.  All three Miller boys harvested deer on the same day for the first time in their lives, a special day indeed.  Uncle Frank weighs in on his thoughts of TV hunters as well as his time in camp and talks about some of his past hunts.

The deer we shot this season at camp were not the caliber of deer that social media tells you that you are supposed to shoot, however we had the most successful hunt we have had in years and our freezers are full because of it.  We had a great hunt with family and friends, drank some beer, shot some deer and couldn’t be happier.

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