Breaking Down Cedar Swamps – Scott Shawl

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 80: Breaking Down Cedar Swamps – Scott Shawl

This week Adam talks with well known Hunting Beast Forum Member Scott Shawl on his methods for hunting, scouting and navigating the larger cedar swamps in northern Michigan.  Scotts family has been hunting cedar swamps since the late 1800’s and have been doing it with success.  Scoot breaks down where to start, what to look for and how to set up on both native and transient bucks that frequent these large swamps. Scott also outlines what to do if you get lost and how to make a plan to get out. Save 10% of a  Vanish tree stand

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2 Replies to “Breaking Down Cedar Swamps – Scott Shawl”

  1. Hi, I just started listening and following. I’m wondering if maybe I could get some input on an area I just found last October, I had 6 mature bucks on trail camera that I put up just to see what’s in the area, now I’m hung up on where they would bed. If I could send a screen shot and you could look at the terrain. Old logged off area, and ravines/hills, lots of transition lines. I have the direction of travel, mostly come from the west and head back east. Well I just finished the podcast. Thank you very much. Just send an email if you have time.

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