Making Sense of Scents – Josh Smith – Wild Carrot Scents

Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast Episode 79: Making Sense of Scents – Josh Smith – Wild Carrot Scents

This week Adam talks with Josh Smith from Wild Carrot Scents about the uses and differences between different deer scents.  Josh and his family had been harvesting the tarsal glands, bladders and urine from deer they had harvested each year and began packaging it up for friends and future use. Their products became so popular amongst the recipients that they were urged into creating a process to bring it to the public, so that’s exactly what they did.  Their products can be found in most local bow shops, on their website and on amazon. The link in the picture is an affiliate link so if you do buy some to try out we get a few pennies and we do appreciate it. Save 10% of a  Vanish tree stand 

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