The Nationwide Buck Pole -Bowhunting League – Ben Harrison and Daniel Porter

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 158: The Nationwide Buck Pole -Bowhunting League – Ben Harrison and Daniel Porter This week Adam and John are talking with Bowhunting League founder Ben Harrision and Marketing Director Daniel Porter on what wxactly is the Bowhunting League. It happens to be a bowhunting contest geared to keep guys shoting their bows all year long with there one shot challenges as well as putting together 3 man teams hunting their respective states wiht a gross antler score for 1 buck per teammate. Hunt multiple states? The king of tines allow you to add up to 5 bucks across the country for the highest gross total. You can also add mule deer, blacktail and cous deer with additions or deductions based on species. You can check it out at www.bowhunting

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