Total Archery Challenge 2021

The Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast – Episode 159 – Total Archery Challenge 2021 – This week Adam, John and Frank sit down and recount their experiences at the 2021 Total Archery Chalenge at Boyne Mountain. This was our 5th out of 6 years and the event has progressed quite a bit in that time. This year we shot 4 out of the 5 courses and had a great time. The Nock On course proved to be the most physically demanding and had the most technical shots with lng shots and steep angles, John Duduley was at te event and out on the course shooting with everyone and providing an opportunity to talk to all that asked. We got to talk with the guys from Tethrd, the guys from Zinger fletchings, and hang out with our friends from Latitude. Overall it was a great event, its not a competition, its not a substitute fr hunting or scouting but it is a great place to meet like minded hunters and archers and test your archery skills in psuedo hunting situations. A great event with great people and if you have one in your area or say within a 4-5 hour drive of your area I would sincerely reccomend you plan for it next year.  


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